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We supply the equipment and expertise to package your quality alcoholic beverages into standard, sleek and slim aluminum cans. Our fully automated and industry-leading Wild Goose Five Head canning system can package up to 75 barrels per day.

Our primary service is rinsing, filling, and seaming the client provided aluminum cans. At a client's request, we can add a date code to the bottom of the can as well as apply labels. Additionally, we provide carbonation and dissolved oxygen testing using Anton Paar C-Boxes. We also have a nitrogen doser to nitrogenize wine and other still beverages. Lastly, we can provide packaging materials for proper palletization at the end of the canning process. Our goal is to leave you with a fully packaged product ready for immediate sale and distribution.

Boomhut has worked with many clients that are new to canning. We take the time to explain the process, help you understand costs, connect you with suppliers, and set expectations for canning day. There is no cost for a consult and we promise to make it pleasant and educational.  Who knows - canning could be your company's next Big Thing!

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